Supporting a Friend or Family Member

How do I support the person I love who is experiencing depression/anxiety?


  • Let them know you have noticed a change in their behavior -  Starting the Conversation.
  • Offer support, encouragement, patience and understanding.
  • Invite them to social events and to participate in activities. Continue to invite, even if they say “no”, but don’t push.
  • Offer to attend Doctor appointments and assist with follow up.
  • Encourage good sleep, nutrition and exercise.
  • LISTEN without judging or problem solving.
  • Contact Doctor or call 911 if they become a danger to self or others.


  • Put pressure on them telling them to “snap out of it” or “get it together.
  • Stay away or avoid them.
  • Tell them to stay busy or get out more.
  • Encourage the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Assume the problem will just go away.

 Question. Persuade. Refer
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Identify. Understand. Respond.
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